Commercial/Packaged Air-cooled Unit (Roof Top)

Air-cooled Unit
Capacity range from 60,000 to 400,000 BTU/H
( 17.5 kw - 116.6 kw )

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• Wide range of indoor airflow.
• Solid foundation to protect the unit during shipment and rigging holes for overhead crane.
• Electrical supply connections and knockouts provided.
• Multiple refrigeration circuits.
• Durable construction.
• The PAU units are single package air cooled air conditioners.
• The PAU series includes 10 models of cooling and heating.
• PAU for cooling only.
• PAUJ for cooling and heating.
• Suitable for outdoor installation either on a roof or at ground floor.
• Completed with pipe, wiring and refrigerant charging from the factory.
• Low noise.
• Hermetic compressors for model 006 to 040.
• HP and LP cut-out switches.
• Air filters.
• Electrical panel.

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