WCU-CHB (Screw)

Commercial/Water-cooled Chiller

Water-cooled chiller
Screw compressor
R134a refrigerant
43.1-180 TR
151.5–633 kW

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LCD Display touch terminals
Designed to make the interaction between man and machine simple  and intuitive, making navigation easier between the various screens.
1. Able to view the operating values from the circuit shown on the screen.
2. Alarm
• Active Alarm Compressor
• Active Alarm Etc. ( Phase Protection, Flow Switch,Water Freeze, Chiller Water Pump, AUX pump )
3. Setting
• Set Water Temperature
• Set Delay Time
• Set Protection
• Calibration
• Supervisor
4. Display locking by setting a password

• Able to edit operation programs through “Host” and “Device” USB ports with standard USB flash drives 
• Direct connection  PC without needing a serial converter.
• (Option) Connection to the controller is available over an RS485 or Ethernet network using the ModBus or BACnet protocol.

• Compressors maintain the liquid flow rate to meet the working load at 50% -100% (full load).
• Effective under partial load and full load
• Designed for commercial & industrial applications.

• R134a is a refrigerant of the HFC group with no harmful effects on the ozone layer.
• No toxic
• Not combustible
• Does not corrode equipment

• High efficiency performance , low water pressure drop  Aluminium star rods fitted in copper tubing , create turbulence refrigerant flow and cause higher heat transfer efficiency.
• Removable head and proper selection of head pass avoids excessive refrigerant pressure drops.
• High column strength tube design reduces the hazard of freeze-up.
• Thick insulation to prevent condensation.

• Cleanable water cooled condensers are heavy duty high efficiency condensers 
• Specially designed to simplify the mechanical cleaning necessary in area where poor water conditions exist.
• Working pressure 
    Shell side, 325 PSI
    Tube side, 125 PSI
    Test pressure 1.25 times the design working pressure
• Optional : Sea water application Copper-Nickels (90-10 / CU-NI), Tubes surrounded by steel outer tube (Shell).

Hi-Low pressure gauge
Solenoid valve
Use electric power to control valve opening and closing.
Filter drier
Filters out dirt and absorbs moisture.If the machine does not work properly or has acid build-up, the f ilter drier will also absorb the acid by the f ilter drier's inner f illing.
Chilled water flow switch
Check water flow for protect system
Sight glass
Characterize the state and humidity of the refrigerant.
Thermostatic expansion valve
Controls the amount of refrigerant entering the evaporator. By installing this thermostatic expansion valve on the inlet pipe before the refrigerant enters the evaporator.

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