Residential/Wall Type

Wall type, R-32, No.5
Cooling Capacity 30,000- 34,000 BTU/H

New Environmental-friendly R32 refrigerant
  •  Enhanced cooling capacity
  • Fast cooling
  • Higher energy saving
  •  New 2017 EGAT’s Label No.5 standard
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
  • 3 times lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than R22

Hydrophilic coil
Both evaporator and condenser coils use blue fin coating. Easily drain out water droplets, reduce smelly odor, reduce mold, save energy, and more durable than normal fins.

Airflow Direction Control
Horizontal and vertical auto-swing louvers deliver deliver airflow in 4 directions.

Wireless digital remote controller
  1. 5 Speed Motor 5 speeds adjustable wind blow Turbo-High-Medium-Low-Auto For Turbo cool or Quiet cool.
  2. ECO Mode Power saving by automatically setting temperature at 25 °C
  3. Turbo Fan Powerful turbo motor helps fillthe coolness to thr room quickly yet quietly.
  4. Timer On / Off 24-hour timer for turning on or turning off the air conditioning system
  5. Sleep Mode Adjust suitable tempuraturefor sleeping time
  6. 4 Directional airflow Intelligent airflow system. Auto swing louver for a better air flow, both vertical and horizontal directions.

Copper fin condenser coil  (Made to order)
Fin made from copper, extends life span of condenser coil. Suitable for seaside area and high acidic factory environment.
*Consulting Uni-Aire’s sales engineer for possibility for each location is recommended.

Casing made from high-quality sheet metal, coated with anti-oxidation white color. Durable with great heat rejection performance from advanced aerodynamic fan design, Compact size for easy installation in small spaces.