Condensing unit (Fiber Glass)

Residential/Specialty Condensing Unit

Anti corrosion fiberglass casing condensing unit
LabelNo5, R-32 refrigerant
Cooling capacity 12,000-60,000 BTU/H




Cooling capacity : 13,000 – 60,000 BTUH
Fiberglass casing condensing unit Rust-Free. Durable in seaside area and highly acidic factory environment.
  • Green guard coated on condenser coil
  • Casing made from f iberglass
  • Stainless steel screws, nuts and fan guard
  • Plastic fan blade



Durability test report under ASTMB 117
Green guard coated aluminum fin
Extremely less rusty stain.
Blue aluminum
finRusty stain formed and slightly dilated
Aluminum fin
Without coating Observable rusty stain

Upgradable : Copper fin condenser coil
Fin made from copper, extends life span of condenser coil. Suitable for seaside area and high acidic factory environment.
*Consulting Uni-Aire’s sales engineer for possibility for each location is recommended.


Corrosion on cast steel condensing unit with regular aluminum fin
Case damaged by rust
Cast steel case will be consistently corrosive by rust in long term use.
Corrosive fin
Regular fin and pipe  without any coating substances will be  corrosive respectively.
Rusty propeller
Cast steel propeller will be consistently corrosive  by rust in long term use.
Rusty bolt and screw
Regular bolt and screw will be consistently corrosive  by rust in long term use.