แอร์เรือ แบบตู้ตั้งระบายความร้อนด้วยน้ำทะเล
Cooling capacity 50,000–120,000 BTU/H
14.6 kw - 35.2 kw

เครื่องใหญ่ 6-10

• The TGWE units are single package water cooled air conditioners. 
• The TGWE series includes 4 models of cooling system. 
• Suitable for vertical mount, indoor installation. 
• Completed with pipe, wiring and refrigeration charging at the factory. 
• Ideal for quickly and low cost installation.
• High efficiency, Scroll compressor, refrigerant cooled compressor.
• High efficiency shell & tube condenser. (Cu/Ni)
• Electrical supply connections and knockuouts provided.
• Lower operation cost.
• Low noise operation.
• HP and LP cut-out switches.
• Refrigerant R-22 (Option R407, R410a)
• Air filters
• Electrical panel.
• IP56

41 ตาราง TGWE-66