Commercial/Chilled-water Fan Coil Unit

Ducted type (AHU), Chilled-water
Cooling capacity 30,000 - 60,000 BTU/H

AHE H-W-01

AHE H-W-09


A sturdy, electro-zinc coated steels sheet cabinet is provided in modern SLIM design. All members of the cabinet are die formed that assures
a good dimensional and quality control. Cabinet are finished in HARMONY BEIGE color of ELECTROSTATIC POWDER painting process
that provides a double protection against rust.

Cooling Coil (Chilled Water)
- Corrugated aluminium fin coil Improves heat exchange efficiency
- Plain copper tube Prevent scale build-up in the pipe surface
- Leak tested leak tested at 250 psig

-4 Speed Motor 4 speeds adjustable wind blow Turbo-High-Medium-Low For Turbo cool or Quiet cool. 
-Turbo Fan Powerful turbo motor delivers coolness to the room quickly yet quietly.

AHE H-W-05

AHE H-W-06

AHE H-W-04