CACU-PHE (Scroll)

Commercial/Air-cooled Chiller

Plug&Play Air-cooled chiller
Scroll compressor
R-410A refrigerant
2.8 - 11.6 TR
5.84 - 15.97 kW

Compact / Space Saving Unit Design
Built - In Water Pump and Water Tank
Durable Design with Rust Resistant PP-R pipe
Ideal for Plastic Injection Cooling

Packaged Air Cooled Chiller 
Flexible air discharge configuration - Vertical ( Standard ) or horizontal.
Compact / Space Saving Unit Design
“Plug & Play” Design Advance Controller 
• Microprocessor -base Controller 
• Display error code for faults operation (with memory)
• Display Water Temperature In/Out
Complete Safety Protections
• Main Circuit Breaker 
• Compressor, fan motor and water pump overload protectors
• High and low pressure switches
• Water flow switch
• Freeze protection sensor
Durable design 
• Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger
• Stainless Steel Water Tank
• Rust Resistant PP-R composite water pipe line 
• The cabinet is made of electro galvanized steel sheet, coated with baked polyester powder
• On Working can use general for Industrial 
Easy Maintenance
• Error code indicator for easy troubleshooting 
• Easy access service panel for all components 
• Built- in Hi / Low pressure gauge for system analysis 
• Removable Water Tank for Cleaning purpose 
Water Pipe line system Design Support
• Conveniently Calculation require pump head with “TDH Cal “ Software

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