Commercial/Air-cooled Chiller

Air-cooled chiller
Scroll compressor
R-410 refrigerant
2.0–4.4 TR
7.0-15.5 KW

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• The surface of the controllers is perfectly flat and thin, allowing easy cleaning and ensuring the highest  level of hygiene

• New, more intuitive user interface.The main functions are highlighted,such as set point display and auxiliary output activation.

• The keypad is touch sensitive for a more attractive and appealing look.This allows the possibility to create custom user interfaces based on different applications.

Integration with monitoring and supervisory systems
• Modbus® and Carel protocol, with automatic recognition, available as standard on the entire ir33 + range of controllers.
RS485 card, Etc. (Option)

• ** Install additional equipment, contact the manufacturer.

Green guard coated on Condenser coils
• Corrosion prevention caused by ocean vapor and chemicals which extends coil life span.
Copper fin condenser coil  (Made to order)
• Fin made from copper, extends life span of condenser coil. Suitable for seaside area and high acidic factory  environment.
*Please consult Uni-Aire’s sale engineer for usage and availability

• The refrigerant compression characteristics have low friction, resulting in good performance and energy saving.
• low vibration results in quiet operation.

Plastic material (25,000-36,000 BTU/Hr)
*Light weight, energy saving

Aluminium material. (40,000-60,000 BTU/Hr)
• Does not deform after prolonged use.
• Large air volume

• Shell and tube heat exchanger type
• High eff iciency in performance
• Low pressure drop and compact design
• Aluminium star rods fitted in copper tubing. Create turbulence refrigerant flow and cause higher heat transfer efficiency.

Plate fin coil type
• The coil is tested for leakage at 600 psi.
Inner groove copper tube
• Help improve energy eff iciency and reduce size of the condenser coil.
Aluminium louver fin
• Louvered fins increase the heat-transfer capacity by creating air turbulence which reduces the boundary layer on the fin's surface

Thermostatic expansion valve
• Controls the amount of refrigerant entering the evaporator. By installing this thermostatic expansion valve on the inlet pipe before the refrigerant enters the evaporator.
Sight glass
• Characterize the state and humidity of the refrigerant.
Filter drier
• Filters out dirt and absorbs moisture. If the machine does not work properly or has acid build-up, the f ilter drier will also absorb the acid by the filter drier's inner filling.
Service valve
• Diagnose problems in the cooling system

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