TACU-CHB Inverter

Commercial/Air-cooled Chiller

Air-cooled chiller
Scroll "inverter"compressor
R410a refrigerant
16.7 - 25.4 TR
58.61 - 89.3 kw

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• A wide 4.3” touch screen color display was designed to make controllers’ user interface even easier, more complete and intuitive.

• Precision temperature control : unnoticeable swing in temperature because of its adaptation of capacity to match with any variable conditions automatically.
• High eff iciency : deliver only the energy needed to satisfy the cooling  condition, thereby save energy.

• Environmental friendly to ozone layer
• Non Flammable & safe to use

Aluminium Fan
Durable and provides large air volume

• High efficiency performance , low water pressure drop
• Aluminium star rods fitted in copper tubing , create turbulence refrigerant flow and cause higher heat transfer efficiency.
• Removable head and proper selection of head pass avoids excessive refrigerant pressure drops.
• High column strength tube design reduces the hazard of freeze-up.
• Thick insulation to prevent condensation.

Inner groove copper tube
Help improve energy eff iciency and reduce  size of the condenser coil.
Aluminium louver fin
Louvered fins increase the heat-transfer capacity by creating air turbulence which reduces the boundary layer on the fin's surface

Solenoid valve
Use electric power to control valve opening and closing.
Electronic expansion valve
The system is responsive and accurate with automatic valve opening and closing.
Filter drier
Filters out dirt and absorbs moisture. If the machine does not work properly or has acid build-up, the filter drier will also absorb the acid by the filter drier's inner filling.
Sight glass
Characterize the state and humidity of the refrigerant.

Packed Valve
Service Valves for liquid line and suction line

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