VACU-CHB (Screw)

Commercial/Air-cooled Chiller

Air-cooled chiller
Screw compressor
R134a refrigerant
39.2 - 167.7 TR
137.7 – 589.7 kW

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LCD Display pGD Touch terminals are the new line of graphic touch screen displays designed to make the interaction between man and machine simple and intuitive, making navigation easier between the various screens.

The new CAREL programmable controller designed for multiple air-conditioning and refrigeration applications
Connectivity – pCO5 Features two integrated serial interfaces, two optional expansion cards and two USB ports
USB – Simple service and monitoring using the standard USB port. USB Host port available to connect standard USB dongle and USB Device port to connect to a PC without external converters

High-Efficiency and reliability Compressor
The screw compressor have step working for enhance cooling capacity as well as energy efficiency
High-efficiency Motor 
Patented motor Cooling design in ducts of refrigerant flow encompassing stator provides best dissipation of heat
High-efficiency Screw Rotor Profile
Hyper volume efficiency and minimum clearance
High-performance integral oil Separator
Finer size of mesh, Low pressure drop and oil carry-over

• Constructed of zinc coated heavy gauge, galvanized steel
• Powder coating for protection against rust
• Hermatic screw compressor
• All compressor are mounted on vibration isolation
• R-134a
• Magnatic & Overload contractor for fan motor and compressor
• Unit Main Breaker
• PLC Controller with Touch Screen LCD Display
• Digital Hour Meter
• Phase Protection
• Pressure Transducer

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34 VACU CHB ตาราง screw